Timelapse by the paddy field – April 8th 2012

I went to a different location for another round of Timelapse after yesterday’s session which is posted here . The captures were again done using Canon Utility on the laptop and USB link to the camera. I think I needed to get a proper intervalometer to perform this if I am going to do it frequently.

Capturing for timelapse

Timelapse by the Paddy Field


Total captured for this timelapse video is a total of 1079 frames on 5 sec interval and rendered to 20fps. The setup is connected to Canon’s Camera Utility via USB cable. I could not capture more frame since the laptop battery was drained out before I could achieve the targeted 1500 frames that I planned for.


Timelapse at Permatang Pauh. Penang – April 8th 2012 from khlee on Vimeo.

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